At Launceston Muscolskeletal we found over our 30+ years of combined working experience, the more techniques we used from other professions, the quicker our clients improved.

We trained as Chiropractors but were dissatisfied with its limitations. We began to include more and more approaches from outside the profession.

The more we expanded the diagnostic & technique range the more efficient our therapy became.

We have changed our approach so much that we don’t find the Chiropractic descriptor really fits what we do now. We feel we have moved beyond it to somewhere between chiro, osteo, physio, soft tissue therapist & exercise physiologist.

We are mixed manual therapists.

For our first consult allow 1 hour.

For our subsequent visits allow 30min.

We send for x-ray or MRI as required; both of which we have referral rights for.

We can treat under MAIB, Department of Veterans Affairs, EPC Medicare, Workcover & Private Health Insurance.

BUPA Members First network participants.

We either fix you, give you the strategies to manage the syndrome yourself or we refer you to someone who we think can help you if we can’t.

Normally this happens in less than 5 visits, usually less.

We can offer same or next day appointments on most occasions. Since we book only a few people in who are currently undergoing initial care & most of our clients ring for appointments as required we can see when you need to be seen. Not next week.

Members of Chiropractic Australia, a progressive representative body whose members practice in a manner which is ethical, proven & safe.

Who do we include as our clients? Well as well as almost every profession you care to name we have been able to help. You may be surprised to hear these include medical professionals such as General Practitioners, Emergency Department Doctors, Dentists, Physicians, Obstetricians, Anesthetists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Nurses, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists & Personal Trainers.

In the sporting field we have provided successful therapy from all manner of weekend warriors to Elite level cyclists, footballs TSL players & coaching staff, Australian representative weight lifters & players from Launceston’s two Premier League soccer teams; Launceston City & Northern Rangers.

As you can gather from that list we work in a very mainstream medical model. We work well with the mainstream medical professions & believe what we do has an effect on the musculoskeletal system & disc complexes only.